About Us

George Shadow began learning about painting at the age of three in his mother's studio. In his teen years he was mentored by Richard Koch, friend and High School Art teacher whose guidance impacted George's developing talent. After being honorably discharged from the US Army, he attended Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland where he majored in sculpture, drawing and painting. After traveling Europe, he settled in Ojai, California, a small town and artist colony inland from the California coast. In 1970 he began exhibiting and selling his paintings in the town's Sunday Art Exhibition and was soon making a living exhibiting at Art Fairs and Exhibitions from San Diego to San Francisco, California.

During the early years of his career George developed his classical style. Texture became as equally important as color and figurative form. Inspired by the rich inheritance of the art of antiquity he began creating sculpted mural fragments in the 80's. His appreciation of antiquity and approach to the classical figure converged successfully in form and paint.

Classic Art & Design, Inc. evolved from George combining his fine art career and faux finishing. In 1989 he met John Seekamp, a Bay Area wood-graining specialist, and Norman Rizzi, a trompe l'oeil and faux marbre specialist. Both are highly skilled and acknowledged artisan masters in the profession. John and Norman invited George to work with them on projects requiring the kind of skill that an experienced figurative artist possessed. George discovered that combining his classical figurative style with faux finishing made possible creating murals in the tradition of Tiepolo, with trompe l'oeil architectural elements and painted illusions of space and light.

Over several years George has put together a team of talented artists trained in figurative fine art. Under his direction using classical techniques and modern materials, from stenciling to complex fine art murals, and from simple faux finishing to detailed trompe l'oeil painted illusions, Classic Art & Design, Inc. brings the classical traditions of visual art into homes and businesses.