Sculpted Mural Fragments

Peaceful City Greco-Roman Affectionate Friends Singing Angels Hellenistic Gryphon
Parthenon Stallion and Rider II Water Maiden II Hellenistic Goose Grecian First Fruits Quarante Nove Diptych
Mill at San Niccolo Tuscany Romance Peloponnesian Flutist Peloponnesian Goat Pompeiian Candle Stick
Dura Europa Menorah Parthenon Horses Thera Spring Akrotiri    

Painting in the fresco secco manner on prepared rigid substrates, George creates figures and scenes from civilization's past. Each designed piece has been sculpted from modern material assuring stable durability. Imagery is sketched and painted over the surfaces with themes derived from antiquity or the Renaissance, or simply inspired.

A note about Sculpted Mural Fragment reproductions: The original piece is a three dimensional wall hanging sculpture, whereas the reproduction is trompe l'oeil and appears to be three dimensional. The paper is archival museum quality rag and the inks are archival color pigments with 200 year rated durability. A UV coating is applied to each reproduction.

To commission a Sculpted Mural Fragment, or to order a trompe l'oeil reproduction of one of the works contact